Neopost Shipping, a subsidiary of the Neopost Group, develops and provides solutions for managing shipments and deliveries and tracking flows of assets and goods.

These solutions are intended both for supply chain professionals: carriers, postal organizations and logistics professionals, and for companies that use logistics processes: manufacturers, retailers,
e-merchants etc.

Neopost Shipping is specialized in Supply Chain management software and data acquisition technologies such as barcoding, RFID, scanning and EDI and has a strong combination of technology and domain knowledge in Transport / Logistics / Supply Chain processes.

Since 1999, Neopost Shipping supports and partners with Transportation and Logistics leaders by providing shipping management software for their customers, tracking and proof-of-delivery management systems, mobile solutions for collection and delivery management and RFID-based goods and assets tracking solutions.

In recent years, Neopost Shipping has made significant investments in Delivery management technologies for Commerce, with a strong focus on eCommerce sector which experiences sustainable growth on all continents.


Delivery is a key component of the e-buyer experience. All starts in the online shop with the delivery charges and the proposed delivery options, then continues after purchase with order processing time, notifications during fulfillment and transport up to parcel receiving and sometimes returning of goods. All these delivery steps in the customer journey contribute to the overall perception of the online shopping experience.

Neopost Shipping technologies for Commerce helps merchants and their supply chain partners to better manage their order fulfillment and to implement solutions contributing to the ultimate customer satisfaction both in the execution of the goods delivery or return and in the order tracking visibility.

Our automated packing solution CVP-500 that packs orders in fit-to-size parcels gives the ability to fulfill orders faster and use less packing materials while reducing carbon footprint. Fit-to-size parcels, less air transported, less cardboard, less labor ... A unique automation solution that brings multiple operational and financial benefits.

Our Temando and ProShip shipping software bring the management of multiple carriers in a single system and give the ability to handle all delivery options and methods suited for all goods and customers (2-days or next day or same day delivery, home or office delivery, collect in store, collect in a parcel shop or parcel locker, …), both for the domestic market or to expand internationally. In order to minimize cart abandonment related to shipping costs deemed too high, they also help managing delivery methods made available in online shops according configurable rules.

Our tracking systems bring full unified monitoring of all orders up to the delivery point regardless of the carrier and provide maximum visibility to the merchant and its customers. They also allow retailers to monitor carriers’ quality of service and to detect delivery exceptions aiming at taking better decisions and optimize customer satisfaction.

Whether to deploy an in-store "Click & Collect" strategy, roll out a delivery network as Neopost is behaving with GeoPost, the Parcel business subsidiary of La Poste (French Postal Organization), or finally implement mail & package collection points in enterprise premises, our Packcity parcel locker offering is a great and affordable solution to support a first and last miles strategy.


Neopost Shipping has over 14 years of experience and has carried out more than 30 RFID projects for players in the logistics, industrial, mass retailing and fashion sectors.

In October 2008 Neopost Shipping demonstrated its RFID expertise to the market by developing and deploying one of the major RFID projects in 2008: the DHL/Metro project for tracking pallets of products from DHL Supply Chain distribution centres to Metro Cash & Carry stores, involving operational implementation of 156 RFID portals for contactless reading of 1.3 million pallets per year at 96 sites.

At the beginning of 2013, Capgemini, one of the global leaders in consultancy, IT services and facilities management, in partnership with Neopost Shipping and BearingPoint, signed a major contract with the French Ministry of Defense to design, deploy and provide maintenance for a shipping and tracking management solution for defense materials and equipment using RFID technology.


Our solutions and business expertise have already attracted major players in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific,
In the Express transport and freight forwarding sector, such as Geopost, Geodis, Chronopost, Relais Colis, Parcelforce Worldwide, Nacex, DHL Express, Heppner, Gefco,
In the Postal industry such as La Poste, Royal Mail, Australia Post, Singapore Post,
In the Supply Chain sector such as DHL Supply Chain, Khune & Nagel, Fashion Partner Group; DocData,
In the Specialized Logistics sector such as Baudelet, Temis, SVP Transport, DHL Freight,
In the Industrial sector such as Nespresso, Renault, Aubert & Duval, Continental, Trek Bicycle,
In the traditional Distribution sector such as Metro Cash & Carry, Carrefour, Sephora, Kohl’s, Staples, Sonepar, Lasaulec, Toys R Us, Galeries Lafayette, Myer,
In the eCommerce and Catalog Sell sectors such as La Redoute, Asos, The Label Collective Group, Sunny Europe, Raja, Fanatics,


Neopost Shipping currently has over 400 people working for its clients, located in France, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, the United States, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

We also distribute our solutions in Europe, Asia and North America via subsidiaries of the Group, and to the other continents via the Export division.

In order to develop increasingly innovative offers, we put Research & Development at the heart of our business, and half of our resources are devoted to Product Development and Technology.

Our R&D teams are based in France, the Netherlands, the USA, Australia and Vietnam.

Our data centers are located in France, Ireland, the USA and Australia. Our technologies and 24/7 monitored infrastructure offer service availability of over 99.9%.


NEOPOST is the number two global supplier in Mail Solutions and a major player in the field of Digital Communications and Shipping Solutions.

Its aim is to help companies improve the way they manage interactions with their clients and stakeholders. Neopost provides the most advanced solutions for physical mail processing (mailing and folder-inserter systems), digital communication management (Customer Communication Management and Data Quality applications), and supply chain and e-commerce process optimization (from point of sale to delivery, including associated tracking services).

With a direct presence in 31 countries and more than 6,000 employees, Neopost recorded annual sales of €1.2 billion in 2015. Its products and services are sold in more than 90 countries.

Neopost is listed in the A compartment of Euronext Paris and belongs to the SBF 120 index.