By Thinking 'Out of the Box', We Invented the Best 'Into the Box' Solution

Creative thinking is the only way to stay a step ahead of your competition. E-commerce is growing rapidly worldwide. Speed, reliability and variety are areas in which you have to be competitive. Customers shop more and more online and expect the same service level as usual. In addition, free shipping has become the industry standard and a customer preference. All existing packing solutions are based on putting products into a standard box, which fits the product best or is the fastest box to fill and use backfill material for the remaining space in the parcel. By thinking out-of-the-box, we have found a unique way to fulfill your orders. The CVP-500 can create each parcel in a variable size in one flow, including a finish with tape and a label. On top, it can be integrated in your existing environment and gives you therefore a perfect fit for every order or combination of orders. Simply put your items to be packed on the conveyor and the CVP-500 takes care of the rest. A fit parcel with the right label is the result. No more mistakes, fast produced and ready for shipment to your customer.

The Benefits of Integrating The CVP-500 in your Existing Fulfillment Environment are Sizeable

The CVP-500 is more than 10 times faster than manual packing, it reduces the required volume in logistics up to 50% and it needs less working space. In addition, you will realize significant savings on standard box storage space, and backfill material. With our unique CVP-500 fulfillment system, we provide you an unrivaled solution to let you stay ahead of competition and bring your business to the next level.

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CVP-500 Offers Outstanding Flexibility

Whatever it is shoes, home appliances, toys, electronic devices, ..., the CVP-500 can pack automatically from the smallest to the largest items of your inventory.

We are very proud to say that CVP-500 has recently been honored with several prestigious global awards

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