To meet the technical, functional and environmental requirements of RFID technology-based traceability projects, Neopost Shipping has designed a unique RFID reading system.

An RFID Gate Unlike any Other on the Market

Neopost Shipping’s RFID Industrial gate is the ideal solution for logisticians looking to monitor, validate and control all their reception, shipping and/or cross-docking transit operations. It effectively tracks logistics flows while standing up to the difficult conditions of warehouse use.

It is supported by a very strong metal frame and offers a variety of functionalities:

  • Reading of UHF RFID passive tags
  • Compliance with EPCglobal® and ISO 18000-6C standards
  • Filtering of spurious RFID readings for highly accurate data retrieval
  • Detection of the presence or absence of RFID tags on a container
  • Detection of flow direction
  • Presentation on a digital display of information read in real time
  • Visual warnings and sound alerts for operators
  • Automatic standby and shutdown, with reactivation when movement is detected within the perimeter
  • Operation in an Ethernet LAN

These advantages make it one of the most sophisticated RFID portals available on the market today.

DHL Supply Chain / METRO Group: 2008’s flagship RFID project

In 2008, DHL Supply Chain and METRO Group partnered with Neopost Shipping to launch the biggest ever RFID project in France.

DHL Supply Chain uses about 60 RFID Industrial gates on 6 logistics platforms to identify deliveries of dry and brewery products and track them through the supply chain to METRO Cash & Carry’s 90 self-service outlets in France.