An integrated solution easy to deploy and maintain

A RFID system requires the integration of multiple technical components to manage all the basic tasks : read tags, encode tags, control a reader and the antennas, manage data transfer from and to a third party system, detect items in a field, interact with the user.

In 2014, during the conception of a large RFID infrastructure project, our technical teams has designe the Neobox control box. This unique equipment integrates all the capture, mesure and communication technology requested in a RFID system. It all-in-one industrial design simplifies the integration, deployment and maintenance of the solution. It became the main subset of all our actual and future RFID systems.

Based on a sealed rugged box suitable for use in logistic environment, its design and compactness allows to use it as the controlling unit of multiple RFID systems such as a portal, a fixed reading terminal, a totem or a mobile carriage.

A complete and efficient RFID equipment

The Neobox integrates the following technical componants :

  • a micro-computer running Windows Embedded Compact 7
  • A color touchscreen suitable for industrial environment
  • Various connectors to pilot other peripherals
  • A LAN communication module
  • An optional 4G communication module
  • in its Active UHF version:
    • A UHF RFID reader covering up to 100 meters
    • 2  sensors to detect the moving direction
  • In its Passive UHF version:
    • An efficient UHF RFID reader allowing to read and write passive tags up to 10 meters
    • A laser radar to detect the moving direction in various programmable zones
    • The capacity to connect up to 4 antenas