The Neopost Shipping Outdoor RFID Gate is a tracking system designed for carriers, logisticians and businesses in general having to manage streams of on-site traffic and control a large number of loads. It is designed to read the tags on all of the pallets of goods contained in a truck in motion, and in just one passage.

An Innovative Concept

It is possible to read truck load contents in a few seconds without any human intervention. Installed outside the warehouse, the gate can recognize the contents of trucks after loading or before unloading the goods. Moreover, no equipment needs to be installed in the trucks. Each pallet simply carries an RFID label.

Built with heavy duty metal frames, each one set in a concrete base to ensure overall stability in all circumstances, i.e. bumps, bad weather, etc., the Outdoor RFID Gate offers many functionalities:

  • Reading of UHF RFID passive tags
  • Compliance with EPCglobal® and ISO 18000-6C standards
  • Filtering of spurious RFID readings for highly accurate data retrieval
  • Reading triggered by the passage of a truck
  • Presentation on a digital display of information read in real time
  • Traffic lights for regulating the flow of truck traffic
  • LAN connection
  • Possibility of allocating destinations from a distance or using a keypad located on the gate