In the transport and logistics sectors, optimum vehicle management is vital to ensure that operations are carried out efficiently and effectively, according to safety and maintenance requirements and cost control specifications.

To meet the technical, functional and environmental requirements associated with the monitoring of vehicles and wheeled objects outside buildings, Neopost Shipping has designed a unique reader terminal using RFID technology.

Tracking Vehicles at Crossing Points

The Neopost Shipping RFID Totem Terminal monitors vehicles entering and leaving sites, measures the time a vehicle spends in a given area, and detects the passage of vehicles along a specific route, even in the remotest of areas.

Suitable for tracking the transport of both goods and passengers by either road or rail, this RFID terminal can be used for numerous purposes, i.e.:

  • Monitoring of vehicles entering and leaving logistics sites
  • Automatic recording of the passage of public transport vehicles at points identified as stops, stations, etc.
  • Recording of vehicles entering and leaving a given area, e.g. parking lots, docks, terminuses, controlled areas, etc.
  • Monitoring of vehicles entering and leaving maintenance sites to determine the number of passages and evaluate unavailability
  • Monitoring of vehicles and wheeled objects leaving a given area, site or parking lot without permission or without an accompanying vehicle (e.g. a trailer leaving a site without a referenced tractor, or a vehicle or object loaded into or onto an unreferenced trailer, etc.).

Equipment Suitable for Outdoor Use

Particularly suitable for outdoor use and requiring no human intervention, the RFID Totem Terminal is totally energy and communication autonomous. Easy to install and ready to deploy, its many advantages offer optimal and consistent performance in all seasons.