Connecting carriers with retailers and retailers to people.

Reduce Costs
Automate shipping processes and access negotiated or prenegotiated shipping rates.

Increase Sales
Create demand and increase sales by displaying shipping options customers convert on.

From your first shipment to your billionth, our platform scales as you grow.

Multi-carrier shipping software for the future of commerce

Shipping and fulfillment is a leading cause of shopping cart abandonment and a large cost center for many retailers.
Temando’s intelligent multi-carrier shipping platform allows retailers to optimize their existing business systems with powerful shipping and fulfilment technology. For the first time, retailers have the tools to optimize shipping based on carrier, price, location, inventory and much more.
Harness the power of shipping and fulfillment and turn it into a retail weapon.

All your shipping and fulfillment in one platform

Combining shipping experiences, multi-carrier connectivity and lightning fast fulfillment processing in one solution

Carrier Choice
Core to Temando is a powerful multi-carrier platform. Access USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL and more

No More Manual Shipments
Sync orders from your online channels into Temando for multi-carrier shipping and fulfilment

Lower Cart Abandonment
Over 50% of cart abandonment is due to shipping. Use Temando to create Amazon-esque shipping experiences in the cart

Streamline Fulfillment
Seamlessly pick, pack and dispatch from your warehouse or retail store

Ship & Sell From Anywhere
Sell anywhere, ship from anywhere - deliver on your omni-channel strategy

Intelligence from Cart to Door
Automate the entire shipping process from the shopping cart to the customer’s door

Smart Inventory Routing
Deliver from warehouses, stores or drop shippers closest to your customers location with stock on hand

Generate Shipping Labels
Easily generate all your shipping labels and manifests with any carrier

Your products journey is your customer’s journey

Powerful products that deliver on your omni-channel strategies


Seamlessly connect with your carriers to quote, book, ship and track products to people.

Shipping options

Delivering Amazon-esque shipping experiences your customers will love you for.

optimisation engine

Add a layer of intelligence to your business and use your stores and warehouses to their full potential.


Get your ship together - manage all your orders from wherever you sell in the one system.