January 28th, 2016

Press release : Yamato Transport and Neopost have an agreement in principle to form a joint venture to operate an open parcel locker network in Japan



Yamato Transport, the Japanese leader in transportation and parcel delivery handling 1.6 billion parcels a year and Neopost, a major player in Shipping Solutions, via its division Neopost Shipping, have an agreement in principle to form a joint venture to operate an open network of secure automated parcel lockers for the delivery of parcels in Japan.

The lockers will be installed in easily accessible places with high footfall, such as underground or railway stations. Pilot units have already been installed in underground stations and Yamato branches. Yamato Transport, whose aim is to provide high quality delivery solutions, will primarily use the parcel lockers for unsuccessful home deliveries which currently represent about 20%[1] of its total parcel deliveries.

The joint venture will be 51% owned by Neopost and 49% by Yamato Transport. The JV will operate the network. Neopost will provide the JV with the lockers, associated software and IT infrastructure. The final JV contract is expected to be signed in March 2016.

As Neopost is currently deploying its open Packcity network in France in association with GeoPost, a subsidiary of French La Poste group, this agreement marks a new demonstration of the value of Neopost unique approach based on a shared parcel locker network.

For Yamato Transport, this agreement will help them providing high quality and convenient delivery solutions for their customers while saving delivery costs.

Yutaka Nagao, President of Yamato Transport, commented: “It is my utmost pleasure and honor to announce that Neopost and Yamato Transport have an agreement in principle to form a joint venture to provide an open locker network service in Japan. I trust that this will be a key addition to the parcel delivery service that we have been offering for the last 40 years. Japanese society will realize and enjoy a new pattern of life style by experiencing unique, efficient, and more convenient open locker network developed by Neopost’s know-how fostered in the industry. Even though this is the first time any parcel delivery company has attempted to offer such a service in the Japan market, I can say with sincerity and utmost confidence that the collaboration of Neopost and Yamato Transport will result in a very successful and sound service.”


Denis Thiery, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Neopost, commented: “We are extremely proud and happy to join forces with Yamato Transport in providing a unique and shared solution that will facilitate parcels’ delivery in Japan. This agreement will further strengthen our global positioning as parcel facilitator and promote Neopost Shipping delivery services as an efficient way to address the needs created by the expansion of e-commerce.”


More details about this agreement will be announced after the signing of the final JV contract.


NEOPOST is the number 2 global supplier in Mail Solutions and a major player in the field of Digital Communications and Shipping Solutions. Its aim is to help companies improve the way they manage interactions with their clients and stakeholders. Neopost provides the most advanced solutions for physical mail processing (mailing systems and folders/inserters), digital communication management (Customer Communication Management and Data Quality applications), and supply chain and e-commerce process optimization (from point of sale to delivery, including associated tracking services).

With a direct presence in 31 countries and more than 6,000 employees, Neopost recorded annual sales of €1.1 billion in 2014. Its products and services are sold in more than 90 countries.

Neopost is listed in the A compartment of Euronext Paris and belongs to the SBF 120 index.

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[1] Source: Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport